Why are we giving up on Jameis so easy?

So I guess this is the ultimate plan from the Buccaneers head office.
We screwed up taking his fifth-year option, especially at $20.9 million. So they include a clause that says the money is only guaranteed if he gets injured.


I even did it. I found myself chanting Fitzmagic whilst sitting on my couch doing nothing.

Jameis Winston is a legitimate NFL Quarterback. He has thrown for 75 TDs, 12,187 yards and has a career 61.2% completion rate.

I really don’t understand how we can all be calling for his departure after one bad game?

Like come on. Sure, he throws a lot of interceptions and needs to take better care of the ball. I get that. But he also can throw a ball 60 yards on a line in his sleep. Jameis has legitimate arm talent and accuracy has never been an issue for him. His issue is decision making and it may be alarming to most. But not to me.

First it begins with his college antics. Yelling idiotic phrases in the quad, cursing in class, and multiple other acts showed Jameis Winston’s immaturity. But I mean come on he was a young kid who was having fun, I think we have all been there at one point.

What I don’t understand is how the Buccaneers choose to handle the situation.

The Buccaneers head office was forcing Winston to deal with his immaturity issues through counseling. Really counseling? Unbelievable. I can not imagine playing for an organization, being their star player, and then they tell me I need counseling. Then after he has a game with 4 interceptions they decide to start Ryan Fitzpatrick the next week?

I am not sure I have ever seen a bigger lack of confidence in a player in my life. But I mean I guess I understand. The Buccaneers are essentially clueless when it comes to dealing with their players on a human level. They are more about the money.


In April, the Buccaneers opted to pick up the fifth-year option on Winston’s rookie contract at $20.9 million. Winston was suspended for the first three games of this season, stemming from allegations of sexual assault against an Uber driver. In his absence, Fitzpatrick played well, leading the Buccaneers to wins in two of their first three games.

Winston’s fifth year becomes fully guaranteed if he’s injured at any point this season. However, the team can release him without any salary-cap implications this offseason if he’s not hurt.

Source: NY Post

So I guess this is the ultimate plan from the Buccaneers head office.

We screwed up taking his fifth-year option, especially at $20.9 million. So they include a clause that says the money is only guaranteed if he gets injured.

What kind of contract is that? And why the hell would his agent allow him to sign this?

I guess it was his rookie contract so Jameis didn’t really understand what these NFL teams will do with a full team of lawyers at their disposal. This is why I think athletes should be able to major in professional sports. But I do not have enough money or hair to stand up for the good fight.

The good fight that is righteousness.



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The Daily Fantasy Hitman


Winners & Losers – Week 8 NFL

I mean sure the Browns have a combined record of 6-49-1 over the last 4 years, but who’s counting?

With every winner comes a loser.

It’s a sad truth but without teams like the Cleveland Browns we wouldn’t have an NFL. These beautiful losers hold up the rear end of the NFL like a old pair of tighty whities.

I mean sure the Browns have a combined record of 6-49-1 over the last 4 years, but who’s counting?

Either way we had a lot of winners last week and a lot of losers. So lets go through and see who made our list for Week 8 of the NFL Season.




Ryan Fitzmagic – I don’t even think you can spell the word winner without Fitzmagic. I mean this guy came into the game last week for one quarter and led his team to more points (18) than they had scored in the entire three quarters before (16). Then he proceeded to get the starting nod from his head coach for week 9. I mean come on Ryan Fitzmagic has to be feeling pretty special right now don’t you think?


Cam Newton – Kelvin Benjamin is over in Buffalo getting chewed out by Derek Anderson & Cam Newton is busy dabbing in the end-zone. Cam Newton gets gifted a matchup from the fantasy gods this week versus the Buccaneers. Newton is poised to be the #1 fantasy player this week. Bet on it.


Nathan Peterman – How awesome of a job does this guy have? Sit back, not play and make millions thousands of dollars. He sort of reminds me of the backup QB from Blue Mountain State who never wanted to play. Nathan ends up getting himself thrown back into the fire this week because guess what Buffalo has no more healthy QBs. Good luck out there Nathan. Whether he throws for 5 TDs or 5 INTs again, he is a winner. Because he sits on a bench and earns more money than almost anyone. Wow, class act Nathan.


The Packers – The unloading of Ha Ha Clinton Dix as well as Ty Montgomery should help this team with one thing, chemistry. It is obvious that Montgomery was angry with his role in the offense and that led to him making a costly error for the Packers last week. Montgomery was the guy who fumbled on the kick return to lose the game versus the Rams. I am not as certain with Clinton Dix but I expect there is a reason they were both shipped after last weeks close loss. The Packers are a really good team and two players with little impact on the field should not be making such crucial mistakes. Good call from the Packers Head Office.





Jameis Winston – Benched. The cold hard truth. After throwing his fourth interception, which was returned for a TD, the Bucs finally said enough is enough. I believe Jameis may have thrown his last pass as a Buccaneer which is really sad. I wish the best for him but things are not looking good for Winston. He is officially feeling like a loser this weekend.


The 49ers & The Raiders – These teams are giving the Bay Area a bad name. Combined record this year is 2-13. With the Raiders leaving for Las Vegas and the 49ers already having sold out I find it funny. Maybe once you invest a ton of money into the teams you would also want to make sure they can be competitive? I am so critical of the 49ers signing of Jimmy G. and this set their franchise back even further after his ACL injury. The Raiders on the other hand are making sure anyone that their fans recognize is off the roster. I am really starting to hate Jon Gruden and that is coming from a Raider Fan. Wait I should hate Jon Gruden he beat us in the super bowl.


The Lions – No idea why they would trade away Golden Tate who up to this point has been there best WR. I guess they think Golladay and Jones will pick up the slack which is probably true but I really don’t understand why now. They are essentially throwing in the towel this season after that trade.


Eli Manning – Pretty sure he is going to lose his starting job at some point this year. I feel bad for the guy, this situation is just not a good fit for him. The Giants need a QB who is mobile to help with their offensive line woes. And honestly Eli Manning is just not mobile at this point in his career. We can’t forget how great Eli Manning has been for the Giants. But at the end of the day a 1-7 record is not what any Giants fans expected after the addition of Saquon Barkley in NFL Draft.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick to the Jaguars?

Ryan Fitzpatrick is just wasting away on the Bucs bench and the Jaguars have a bigger QB problem than we thought.

Tell me this would not be a perfect match?

Ryan Fitzpatrick is just wasting away on the Bucs bench and the Jaguars have a bigger QB problem than we thought.

We knew things were bad when Bortles threw 4 interceptions to the Chiefs in week 5. Then during week 6 we saw him lead the Jaguars into Dallas and lose 40-7 while throwing for only 149 yards through the air and 1 TD. Yesterday was the final straw, Bortles lost two fumbles and his team was down 20-0 when Cody Kessler took over at QB. Kessler did alright throwing for 156 yards and 1 TD on 21/30 completions but he also threw a pick and the Jaguars still lost 20-7.

Believe it or not, Jacksonville is only 1 game back from the first place Texans. It isn’t too late for Jacksonville to bring in one or two more key offensive pieces to help them make a push for playoffs. They need a new QB and I would also like to see them add a new TE because David Grinnage is not cutting it.

I am calling for Ryan Fitzpatrick to get traded to the Jaguars for Carlos Hyde.

Okay I am obviously kidding, the Jaguars are going to be without Leonard Fournette until November 11th vs the Colts due to the hammy injury. Carlos Hyde is here to stay.

But I do like the thought of the Jaguars adding a veteran QB like Fitzpatrick who can inject some immediate life into this offense. Fitzpatrick has proved this year that he can still hang with the big dogs putting up some pretty amazing stats in only three and a half games – (1,356 yards – 11 TD – 5 INT).

Then they need to add a nice young tight end. First name that comes to my mind is Chris Herndon, the rookie out of Miami that the Jets drafted 4th in the NFL Draft. Now I am assuming since he is a rookie they probably won’t trade him but this is the kind of guy I am talking about. A young tight end who’s skill-set is pass catching and not blocking.

The Jaguars have a talented group of young wide receivers with a veteran voice in D.J. Moncrief. They just need someone who can actually get them the ball. If they listen to me and make a trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick then maybe they can turn their season around sooner rather than later.


DFS Hitman Lineup – NFL Week 7

Carlos Hyde has been traded to the Jaguars. No way. Nick Chubb is now officially sleeper of the week.

Making a lineup for Sunday can be hard. Like really hard.

Do I start Leonard Fournette? Or do I start Dalvin Cook?

Maybe start both if you’re feeling lucky.

Okay I am kidding of course, both of the guys I mentioned are not even playing this week having already been ruled out with hamstring injuries.

Leonard Fournette will be replaced by T.J. Yeldon ($6,400 on DraftKings).

Dalvin Cook will be replaced by Latavius Murray ($5,000 on DraftKings).

These guys are both interesting options on this Sunday’s slate because they are starting and lower priced than most of the other guys. Well Murray is.

The game that I will be stacking in this one is the Vikings @ Jets.

The projected score is Vikings (24.8) @ Jets (21.3) with an over/under of 46.0. The Jets have allowed over 30 points in 2 of their last 3 games showing that their defense is not very good. Minnesota averages 27.67 points per game on the road so far through 3 games, look for this offense to go off.

Players I will be stacking from MIN will be….

Adam Thielen ($8,600) – Double digit targets in every game this year. 58 catches for 712 yards and 4 TDs through only 6 games. Thielen is on pace for one of the best seasons ever for a WR. Can you believe he averages more fantasy points on the road this year?

Stefon Diggs ($7,200) – Insane road stats and terrible home stats which I honestly can’t explain. On the road he has 30 catches for 342 yards and 2 TDs; at home he has 10 catches for 93 yards and 1 TD. You see what I mean? I don’t understand it but I am rolling with it. Minnesota plays like they hate being at home. What’s really going on is a terrible defense on the road (32.67 PPG allowed) that forces the offense to play catch up.

Latavius Murray ($5,000) – He finally had a good game last week and what do you know it was the first game he got over 11 carries. Someone in Minnesota did some crucial analysis about how running backs tend to do better when they are involved in the offense, and they were right. Minnesota ran the ball on 46% of plays compared to 29% the week before. The Jets run defense allows 108.7 yards per game and should have plenty of problems dealing with Murray.

Kirk Cousins ($6,400) – He has two games with over 400 yards passing. Both on the road. He has two games with over 3 TD passes. Both on the road. Kirk Cousins faces off versus the Jets pass defense which ranks 22nd in the NFL in DVP vs QB. I don’t even need to explain this situation, play Cousins.

I will only be stacking these 4 players from the Vikings leaving me with a few spots left to fill for the lineup.

QB: K. Cousins ($6,400)
RB: L. Murray ($5,000)
RB: ?
WR: A. Thielen ($8,600)
WR: S. Diggs ($7,200)
WR: ?
TE: ?
D/ST: ?

Here are my fill-ins.

RB: Todd Gurley II ($9,800) – He is the highest scoring fantasy player through 7 weeks and he gets a softball matchup versus one of the worst defenses in the NFL. San Francisco allows the 4th most points in the NFL with 29.8 points allowed per game. The Rams have the highest projected score of the slate and I expect Gurley to continue to receive extremely heavy usage. Especially with the Rams missing WR Cooper Kupp. Gurley has received 56 touches and scored 5 rushing touchdowns in the last 2 weeks.

WR: Jermaine Kearse ($4,100) – He is going to be the next guy up in New York with Quincy Enunwa being ruled out and Terrelle Pryor being doubtful to play. Kearse was already on the receiving end of 10 targets last week from Sam Darnold and it resulted in 9 catches for 94 yards. Kearse used to play for the Seahawks but was always sort of a WR 3 or 4. He gets a huge opportunity this week versus a Vikings defense that allows 32.67 points per game on the road.

TE: Charles Clay ($2,800) – I hate that I am even mentioning him but got dammit he is cheap so what the hell. Clay had 5 targets last week from Josh Allen and Nathan Peterman, and they will both be out this week. The starter is going to be Derek Anderson which means that Charles Clay might have a chance for a solid week. Josh Allen is a terrible QB and has made Charles Clay basically a dead fantasy asset. I think he still has life and he has been relatively healthy for the first time all year. BREAKOUT GAME I AM CALLING IT.

FLEX: Nick Chubb ($3,600) – I was at the game where Nick Chubb took 3 carries for 105 yards and 2 TDs on the Raiders. I witnessed the magic that is Chubb. But for some reason he gets the backseat to Carlos Hyde who does nothing. Well Head Coach Hue Jackson has had enough. He said the Browns need to give Chubb more opportunities and holy shit I just saw that Carlos Hyde has been traded to the Jaguars. No way. Nick Chubb is now officially sleeper of the week.

D/ST: Dolphins ($2,500) – I really hate paying up for a defense and seeing them give up a touchdown in the first couple minutes on Sunday. So I will no longer do it. I see a good amount of value coming out of a Miami defense that leads the NFL with 11 interceptions. The Lions offense is good but not top-tier, I like Miami for a cheaper flex option at D/ST. Remember they have Jakeem Grant, the extremely fast WR who already has a punt return for TD and a kick return for TD this season.


So here is the full DFS Hitman Lineup.

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QB: K. Cousins ($6,400)
RB: T. Gurley II ($9,800)
RB: L. Murray ($5,000)
WR: A. Thielen ($8,600)
WR: S. Diggs ($7,200)
WR: J. Kearse ($4,100)
TE: C. Clay ($2,800)
FLEX: N. Chubb ($3,600)
D/ST: Dolphins ($2,500)

Start Em’ or Sit Em’ – NBA DFS

Too many times I have passed up the likes of Ben Simmons for Dario Saric. Too many times.

To start or not to start. That is the question.

Many DFS players will go crazy editing their lineups for hours on end when the correct plays are looking them right in the face. Yes I am talking about myself as well.

Too many times I have passed up the likes of Ben Simmons for Dario Saric. Too many times. That is why I went back to my roots. The first time I ever tried to mathematically create a lineup instead of going on my gut. And it is actually a lot simpler than you think.

So, what you do is take the players last 5 games and average them out. This isn’t going to work tonight because a lot of these teams haven’t even played a game yet this year. So instead of that number we will replace it with their projections. All you do is divide this number by the player’s price tag and then x 1000 to get their value. For example, Ben Simmons is projected for 48 points and his price tag is $7,000 then his value would be .00685714 x 1000 = 6.857 (I rounded to 3 decimals). Also that was all hypothetical to show you how I determine value very easily.

This value number is something that I use a lot while making my lineups. I will find the value for all of the players and then basically play the guys with the highest value. But, you also need to add some critical thinking here. Just because a guy’s value number is higher than another one doesn’t necessarily equal more fantasy points. You need to use the value number in combination with a few other variables like projected minutes, usage % & injury news.

Now it is time to talk about our main topic: Start Em’ or Sit Em’


Start Em’


Justin Holiday ($4,300) – Holiday is in a good position for a lot of playing time tonight with Kris Dunn & Denzel Valentine being ruled out. The Bulls are very thin at the Small Forward spot and I expect Holiday to see north of 30 minutes in this game. At such a cheap price tag I have Holiday marked at a 6.512 value rating and my starting SF.

Ben Simmons ($9,500) – I am not going to make this mistake again. Ben Simmons is going to use his 6’10” frame to dominate the weak defensive PGs of CHI. His stat line last game was this – 19 points, 15 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 blocks, 4 steals. This guy is going to make a push for MVP this year I can just feel it.

Josh Richardson ($6,200) – As long as Dion Waiters, Justise Winslow & James Johnson continue to be out, Josh Richardson will continue to be relevant. Richardson saw 38 minutes in their first game last night vs Orlando showing that he is their #1 guy for offense. He faces off tonight versus the Bradley Beal & John Wall led Wizards in what looks to be a high scoring game.

John Wall ($8,200) – This is way too cheap for a player like John Wall who receives almost 100 touches per game. He is a top-tier PG who is projected to receive around 38-40 minutes if this game is close. Wall averaged 19.4 PPG with 9.6 APG which was lower than usual due to injuries last year. He is healthy, but the price tag doesn’t reflect.

Brandon Ingram ($6,700) – Holy cow this guy has been going off in the preseason. But my worry is that with LeBron coming into LA the team looks a little congested from a DFS perspective. Mainly because I am not sure who will be the hot hand for the Lakers on any given night. I do like that Ingram looks to be the #1 scoring option for the Lakers and that they run an extremely fast paced offense.

Jusuf Nurkic ($6,300) – I have always thought this guy was a beast ever since he played alongside Nikola Jokic in Denver. He is quick and nimble for a man his size and it results in a lot more 5-stat-production than other centers. Nurkic is going to receive around 35 minutes and will have a really easy matchup versus the Lakers who lack big man depth.



Sit Em’


Kris Dunn ($6,600) – He isn’t playing.

Wendell Carter Jr. ($4,200) – Sure he is starting but I already can tell you what is going to happen. Joel Embiid is a beast down low and Carter Jr. is no match. Look for Robin Lopez to play more minutes than Carter Jr.

Markelle Fultz ($4,500) – Terrible showing versus the Celtics two nights ago. 5 points on 2/7 shooting is not going to cut it for someone who is supposed to replace J.J. Reddick. Fultz has lost all of his MOJO and I don’t think Austin Powers is going to be able to help him get it back.

Kelly Olynyk ($6,100) – No clue why he is more expensive than Goran Dragic tonight. Especially after playing only 15 minutes versus Orlando.

Dwight Howard ($5,900) – Questionable with a back injury but has been practicing so will probably play tonight. Dwight Howard didn’t play in the preseason which doesn’t bode well for developing chemistry with his new teammates. I hate Dwight tonight.

LeBron James ($10,800) – Really hard for me to say sit LeBron because he could easily drop a triple double in his sleep. The problem for me revolves around that fat price tag. He could justify it if he puts on a retro LeBron performance but with a much better team around him in LA I don’t believe he will even need to.

Rajon Rondo ($5,800) – Rondo was brought in during the offseason to help the Lakers shore up some PG depth for a deep playoff run. Rondo will also be the immediate starter for the Lakers as far as I know, but unfortunately he will probably receive less playing time than backup Lonzo Ball.


You got any problems with my Start Em’ or Sit Em’ ?

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The DFS Hitman Takes On NBA Tip-Off

Adam Silver sent me an email today. And he told it to me up front.

He said,

“Dear Gregory, Tonight we tip off the 73rd season of the NBA.”

I replied,

“Thank you Adam. Can you put an extra coat of wax on that head today for me?”

LOL. I didn’t actually reply to him but oh boy you know I was thinking it.

Today we have but only two games to analyze for our DFS lineups. This means a lot of people are going to be running the exact same players and you need to be different. So different that maybe you fade the entire Warriors Team. Okay maybe not that different. But you get the idea.

I do not want to be picking every big ticket guy and hoping no one else takes him. Because they will. From my experience I am predicting players like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Dennis Schroder, Paul George, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid all to be over 50% ownership in lineups at least. You can flex around this by taking the likes of Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Jason Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Dario Saric, Robert Covington, who are all viable options especially at their price points.

Now before I make my lineup and tell you who I will be rolling with we need to paint the picture for each game.


This is the best game tonight by far. Philadelphia comes into this one after being knocked out of the playoffs by the Celtics last year. They will be out for blood tonight in The Garden. Markelle Fultz is starting tonight for Brett Brown instead of J.J. Reddick, who will be starting the second half according to Brown. He basically wants to see which lineup is better, but this also means Fultz will probably not receive a starter’s allotment of minutes. Other news from PHI is that Wilson Chandler (SF) & Mike Muscala (PF) will be out tonight. This means more minutes for Robert Covington (SF), Dario Saric (PF) and possibly Amir Johnson (PF) off the bench. I love Dario Saric tonight, especially after he carved up this same Celtics team last year in the playoffs.

On the Celtics side you have a team who was extremely close to making the finals last season. Now they get back two all-stars who weren’t even playing during that playoff run. WOW. Kyrie Irving (PG) and Gordon Hayward (SF) will be returning to the Celtics lineup tonight and they will be starting. There isn’t any injury news from the Celtics side meaning their bench rotation is still intact. Look for Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, Aaron Baynes & Marcus Morris all to see around 20 minutes of playing time.



This game will be over by the end of the 3rd quarter. The Thunder need Russell Westbrook like the Packers need Aaron Rodgers, it’s like a law I think. Well, when you take away Russell Westbrook out of the equation you also have no identity for your team. Who will the Thunder be without Westbrook? Will Paul George put the team on his back and attempt 40 shots? Will Dennis Schroder step up at the Starting PG and make Stephen Curry look stupid? Will Steven Adams even Play? A lot of question marks coming out of the OKC side. And they face the reigning NBA Champions. Good luck. Now I am speculating here, but with Andre Roberson out for OKC I think they will start Hamidou Diallo at SG. Other starters are Patrick Patterson who inspires no hope on any DFS lineup. Look for Dennis Schroder & Paul George to be the only fantasy options for OKC, with Diallo & Adams being very close if they start.

On the Warriors side we have basically the same team that won the NBA Championship last year minus JaVale McGee (Lakers). This means it will be the same story. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant & Draymond Green all being great fantasy options. They also have a new Starting Center in Damian Jones. But if you know anything about the Warriors it is that they love to play a lot of small ball meaning Jones may only get 10-15 minutes which limits his fantasy value a lot. My picks from the Warriors are Green and Thompson because I want to avoid the high ownership of Curry and Durant in a game where they may not play in the 4th quarter.


Two game slate.

Two Hitman Lineups.

It is time for the DFS Hitman to take on the NBA Tip-Off.


Lineup for DraftKings

PG: K. Irving $7,600
SG: K. Thompson $5,900
SF: P. George $8,000
PF: D. Saric $5,500
C: D. Green $7,300
G: J. Brown $5,300
F: R. Covington $4,700
UTIL: J. Tatum $5,600

Projected: 265.8 Points


Lineup for FanDuel

PG: M. Fultz $5,700
PG: K. Irving $8,400
SG: A. Iguodala $4,300
SG: D. Schroder $6,100
SF: R. Covington $6,500
SF: P. George $9,000
PF: D. Saric $6,400
PF: D. Green $8,000
C: J. Bell $5,400

Projected: 273.1 Points


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The DFS Guide for Monday Night Football

The San Francisco Forty-Winers (1-4) head into Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers (2-2-1) on Monday Night Football.

By: The DFS Hitman – (@DailyHitman)

The San Francisco Forty-Winers (1-4) head into Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers (2-2-1) on Monday Night Football. I am not sure if you can tell, but I am not very fond of the 49ers this year.

Or any year.

Because they stink. Especially when they are on the road.

The 49ers are 0-3 on the road with losses to the Vikings, Chiefs & Chargers. Damn the 49ers have had a tough road schedule to open up the year and it isn’t getting any easier tonight. Green Bay is 2-2-1 this year and MVP Candidate Aaron Rodgers has finally healed from his early knee injury.

Aaron Rodgers Stats through 5 Games: 63% Completion, 1572 Yards, 10 TDs, 1 INT

49ers Pass Defense through 5 Games: 59.2% Completion, 1269 Yards, 12 TDs, 1 INT

The 49ers defense only had 1 interception through 5 weeks which is really concerning versus a QB like Rodgers who rarely turns it over. They also rank 28th in the NFL in Sacks with only 9 on the year. Green Bay’s o-line has been far from perfect though with the 8th most sacks allowed in the NFL (18). I expect Rodgers to be fine in the pocket versus a young 49ers defense who has allowed 29.2 PPG this season.


If you can’t tell already I really like Aaron Rodgers tonight for DFS. But the concern for me is with the health of the GB WR core. With Randall Cobb & Geronimo Allison listed as Questionable tonight I find myself only wanting to play Devante Adams. But he is so gosh darn expensive on DraftKings that it isn’t even funny.

This makes me think hmmmm, what If I play someone like Equanimeous St. Brown. I know right? Who the hell is this guy? I mean this guy only had 3 catches last week for 89 yards, which is not the best, but it also shows us his skill set. He is a fast, big play WR which usually equates into very good DFS punt players, trust me.

Another guy who saw increased usage was Marquez Valdes-Scantling who saw 10 targets which resulted in 7 catches for 68 yards and 1 TD. Now I have heard rumors that Randall Cobb & Geronimo Allison will be inactive tonight despite their questionable tags. If this is indeed true then we have two huge sleepers on our hands in the aforementioned players, St. Brown & Valdes-Scantling.

What about the Green Bay RB Situation?

Well, Aaron Jones is the lead RB who will receive majority of the touches if Green Bay rolls in this one like I think they will. The next guy up who receives most of the passing downs will be Ty Montgomery who inspires little hope in my eyes. Then we have Jamaal Williams, the guy everyone predicted to ball out while Jones was suspended. He has delivered 53 rushes for 195 yards which is good for around 3.68 YPC, I hate his DFS Stock this week and every week after that.

Snap Breakdown for GB RBs:

Aaron Jones (33), Ty Montgomery (29), Jamaal Williams (22).

(Remember this is a snap breakdown for a game where GB was losing 24-0 at Halftime and had to abandon the Run.)

Of course this is only the Green Bay side of the ball, I know I am a total 49er hater but that doesn’t mean I won’t give them a fair shot tonight. I mean the 49ers only win this year was actually versus the Lions who destroyed the Packers. So I mean in a theoretical world I guess the 49ers should destroy the Packers too? Not so fast.

The Packers are 2-0-1 at Home, while the 49ers are 0-3 on the Road. Now do the math on that one if you would be so kind. Not good huh?

But Wait, There Is Hope

Just kidding. The 49ers are 0-2 since Jimmy G. got hurt and C.J. Beathard stepped up. They have lost to the Chargers by 2 points and the Cardinals by 10 points. I mean come on losing to the Cardinals by 10 points is not okay for a team that had so much hype coming into this year for no reason. Wait, they paid some overrated QB $137 million dollars to come play with them? Wow! They might end up with 6 wins this year!

Actually they are on pace for an even worse record than last year. Their new QB C.J. Beathard is not someone you should be excited about. He has started 7 games in his career and holds a 1-6 record and has thrown more interceptions (10) than touchdowns (8). This means his WRs are typically held in check and not on anyone’s fantasy radar ever. But he does throw well to his TEs which is one bright spot for the young QB.

His Favorite Target:

George Kittle is the one bright spot on this 49ers offense. In two weeks with Beathard under center, Kittle has had two of his best games as a receiver. Week 4 vs the Chargers he had 6 catches for 125 yards and a touchdown. He followed that up in Week 5 vs the Cardinals with 5 catches for 83 yards. Kittle is dealing with a knee injury that he suffered versus the Cardinals last week but the status quo is that he will be able to play tonight. I love Kittle’s matchup tonight versus Green Bay’s defense who ranks 21st in the NFL vs TEs.

Now it is time. To make a lineup. Finally.

My Lineup

Captain: E. St. Brown ($3,600)
UTIL: A. Rodgers ($12,200)
UTIL: D. Adams ($11,600)
UTIL: C. Beathard ($8,800)
UTIL: A. Jones ($7,200)
UTIL: M. Goodwin ($6,600)

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The DFS Guide for NFL Week 6

Twitter @DailyHitman

Are you ready for some gosh darn football?

I know I am because that means another Sunday of DFS contests for NFL.

The games look enticing. I see big offenses like Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Cincinnati & even the Browns and I start salivating. My crystal ball is predicting big things from these games.

But, then we have games like um, Buffalo @ Houston or Jacksonville @ Dallas which are muss less appealing. I want high a over/under from the game if I am going to take offensive players from that game. The only time I would like a low over/under is if I am taking a running back in a blowout win, or a strong defense.

Speaking of defense, how about the Bears getting an extremely nice matchup versus The Dolphins this week, I love them in my lineup this week.

But I am not going to ramble off my defense picks this week at the beginning of the article. It would mess up the flow of my article and I cannot have that.

I’m going to dive into all the games and put a one sentence excerpt about what I think.


TB @ ATL – O/U: 57.0 – Atlanta is desperate for a win this week, Matt Ryan is completely different at Home (+18.6) versus Away (-6.3), and Tampa Bay’s defense allows the highest net passing yards in the NFL.

My Pick: Atlanta

My Players: Matt Ryan, Tevin Coleman, Mohamed Sanu, Julio Jones


PIT @ CIN – O/U: 50.0 – Steelers offense made the Run Game a priority last week, Cincinnati’s defense ranks 23rd in NFL in Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game, Antonio Brown looked very good last week with over 2x the targets of anyone else.

My Pick: Pittsburgh

My Players: James Conner, Antonio Brown


LAC @ CLE – O/U: 46.5 – Baker Mayfield is a beast, Chargers rank 26th in DVP vs WR, Jarvis Landry will have a huge day.

My Pick: Cleveland

My Players: Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, Antonio Callaway, David Njoku


BUF @ HOU – O/U: 40.0 – Houston’s defense is still one of the best in the NFL, Buffalo’s offense is still one of the worst in the NFL, avoid this for fantasy.

My Pick: Houston

My Players: Texans D/ST


CHI @ MIA – O/U: 41.5 – Ryan Tannehill has a shoulder injury to add to his poor play this season, Tribusky threw for 6 TD passes last game, Miami’s offense will fall victim to Chicago’s NFL Leading Defense.

My Pick: Chicago

My Players: Bears D/ST, Mitchell Tribusky, Tarik Cohen, Taylor Gabriel


ARI @ MIN – O/U: 44.0 – Josh Rosen has not inspired much hope as the new QB in this lifeless Arizona offense, Minnesota’s offense is really good through the air, Arizona ranks 4th in DVP vs WR.

My Pick: Minnesota

My Players: Vikings D/ST


IND @ NYJ – O/U: 47.0 – Sleeper potential here, T.Y. Hilton will be OUT for IND, IND defense allows 27.6 PPG which is 27th in the NFL, Jets Offense is coming off their best game as a team (Very Young).

My Pick: New York

My Players: Sam Darnold, Isaiah Crowell (Game-Time Decision) or Bilal Powell, Robby Anderson


SEA @ OAK – O/U: 48.5 – Seattle played the rams down to the wire losing by a score of 33-31, Oakland played the rams and got dogged 33-13, Seattle is going to destroy Oakland in a game that will be played in London.

My Pick: Seattle

My Players: Chris Carson, Tyler Lockett, Seahawks D/ST


CAR @ WAS – O/U: 44.5 – Washington has about 5 game-time decisions this Sunday to almost all of their skill position players, Carolina’s offense has scored 30 points in back-to-back weeks, Greg Olsen might make his return this week for the Panthers.

My Pick: Carolina

My Players: Christian McCaffrey


LAR @ DEN – O/U: 51.5 – The Ram’s offense is the third highest scoring in the NFL with 34.6 PPG, Denver’s defense allows 26.2 PPG which is 22nd in the NFL, high powered offenses do well in Denver so Viva La Rams (Remember the KC game)!

My Pick: Los Angeles Rams

My Players: Todd Gurley II, Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, Jared Goff


JAC @ DAL – O/U: 40.0 – The Dallas offense has been terrible this year with only 16.6 PPG which is good for 30th in the NFL, Jacksonville just happens to sport a defense that ranks 3rd in Points Allowed with only 17.2 PPG, be ready for a defensive showdown and a low scoring affair.

My Pick: Jacksonville

My Players: T.J. Yeldon, Jaguars D/ST


BAL @ TEN – O/U: 41.5 – Baltimore’s defense is ranked 1st in the NFL with only 15.4 points allowed per game, Tennessee’s defense is ranked 3rd in the NFL with only 17.2 points allowed per game, defense is on the menu for this game so avoid for fantasy.

My Pick: Baltimore

My Players: Ravens D/ST or Titans D/ST


Boom. All 13 games right there for you to choose from. Personally I am rolling with games like TB @ ATL, IND @ NYJ & SEA @ OAK to stack into my DFS lineups this week. I would avoid the hell out of games like JAC @ DAL, ARI @ MIN & BUF @ HOU. If you have players from those teams just know they are super deep sleepers this week.

But hey, “Any Given Sunday,” right?


The stats are here for a reason. Teams aren’t just going to pull brand new offensive playbooks out of their asses.

This means teams like Dallas (16.6 PPG), Arizona (13.0 PPG), Buffalo (12.6 PPG), Tennessee (17.4 PPG), Miami (19.8 PPG), Denver (20.0), Jacksonville (20.4 PPG) & Washington (20.8 PPG) just have bad offenses and shouldn’t be touched in DFS.

Teams I want to target in DFS are the LA Rams (34.6 PPG), Cincinnati (30.6 PPG), Pittsburgh (28.6 PPG), Tampa Bay (28.0 PPG), Chicago (27.8 PPG), LA Chargers (27.4 PPG), Atlanta (26.6 PPG) & Carolina (26.0 PPG).

I really love stacking Atlanta and then throwing in some players from the New York Jets to get guys with lower ownership values who are still in a good position.

This lineup would look a little something like this:

QB: Matt Ryan ($6,800 DraftKings)
RB: Tevin Coleman ($5,400 DraftKings)
RB: Isaiah Crowell ($5,000 DraftKings)
WR: Robby Anderson ($4,600 DraftKings)
WR: Julio Jones ($7,900 DraftKings)
WR: Mohamed Sanu ($4,800 DraftKings)
TE: David Njoku ($3,800 DraftKings)
FLEX: Christian McCaffrey ($8,300 DraftKings)
D/ST: Bears ($3,300 DraftKings)


Or we can do a Pittsburgh stack with our lower ownership players being from the Chicago Bears lineup.

This one would look like this:

QB: Big Ben ($6,500 DraftKings)
RB: Tarik Cohen ($4,600 DraftKings)
RB: James Conner ($7,700 DraftKings)
WR: Antonio Brown ($8,700 DraftKings)
WR: Taylor Gabriel ($4,300 DraftKings)
WR: Juju Smith-Schuster ($7,300 DraftKings)
TE: Trey Burton ($4,500 DraftKings)
FLEX: Ito Smith ($3,100 DraftKings)
D/ST: Bears ($3,300 DraftKings)


If you want to talk about the lineups or anything else regarding this Week 6 of the NFL Season just hit me up on Twitter @DailyHitman !

Monday Night Fantasy presented by The DFS Hitman

Time to end the week with a little style.

Today it is time for Monday Night Fantasy presented by yours truly G.R. Bunch aka The DFS Hitman.

If you wanna hit me on the Tweeter you know where to find me (@DailyHitman)


Alright so tonight we have the Kansas City Chiefs heading into Mile High Stadium to face the Denver Broncos. Kansas City enters this game undefeated after knocking off the Chargers, 49ers and Steelers by a combined 26 points. Denver hasn’t been so lucky losing 27-14 last week versus Baltimore. Other than that they have beat Oakland by 1 and Seattle by 3.

Now the one thing we can count on from Denver is that they are going to be running out a stellar defense that hasn’t given up over 30 points this season. But their offense isn’t the best being led by Case Keenum who has a little bit of a knee problem right now.

Kansas City runs their team by the old mantra of “The Best Defense is a Good Offense.” This means that Kansas City is giving up 487 yards per game and has allowed 92 points to be scored against them in three weeks. But they have also put up 402 yards per game and scored 118 points through three weeks as well. So their defense isn’t potent, but their offense is.

Well I am going to be a little naysayer here and say that Patrick Mahomes will come back down to earth this week. Denver still has Von Miller (14 Tackles, 4.0 Sacks) and I expect him to be bringing pressure all night. Denver’s defense will play a motivated game tonight at Mile High and allow under 20 points to this potent KC Offense. That is my nay-say of the week.

But what about the player’s who are going to ball out?

I got you….

Emmanuel Sanders – An electric player. Last week he had a 35-yard rushing touchdown as well as 5 catches for 38 yards vs the Ravens. Denver’s Offense was essentially held hostage by the Baltimore defense after Sander’s touchdown. They had 7 punts, 1 interception and a turnover on downs. Kansas City is a way better matchup for Sanders as they rank 26th in NFL in defense vs WR.

Jeff Heuerman – Jake Butt is OUT for remainder of the season leaving most of the reps at TE for Heuerman. Last week Heuerman only had 2 catches for 7 yards which inspires little hope. The inspiration for me to include him this week relies in his Red Zone Targets which were 2/4 last week. Heuerman is in line for a TD this week, trust.

Royce Freeman – Okay this one is pretty speculative and based off Phillip Lindsay being ejected last week. If Lindsay is disciplined by the team then Freeman would be the main beneficiary as he was last week. Freeman had 13 carries for 53 yards and 1 TD last week even in a blowout loss the the Ravens. I can see Freeman going off this week if Linday is thrown in the doghouse like I expect him to be.

Case Keenum – Keenum is awfully cheap for going up against the 32nd ranked defense vs QBs. I don’t love how Keenum has been playing but he has a really talented offense around him. Keenum had an interested 3 TD, 3 INT performance week 1 versus Seattle. Then two stinkers versus the Raiders and the Ravens. I like Keenum to get back on track versus the Chiefs.


On the Chief’s side I got you….

Sammy Watkins – Watkins hauled in his first touchdown as a Chief last week en route to another solid fantasy performance. Watkins has garnered 18 touches in the last 2 weeks after only 5 in week 1. This has translated into 11 catches for 155 yards and 1 TD for Watkins. I like Watkins over someone like Tyreke Hill in this one.

Travis Kelce – The most targeted Chief for a reason, Kelce is a big body tight end who has great hands. 20 targets over the last 2 weeks has resulted in 15 catches for 223 and 2 TDs which is good for a 27.6 Fpts per game. Kelce is an absolute beast who has a good matchup versus Denver’s defense which ranks 24th in the NFL vs TE.

I hate the RBs from KC tonight which is why I didn’t write about any of them. The only KC player I really feel safe playing is Travis Kelce who is a key cog in the KC offense and should receive a heavy allotment of targets. Watkins is a little more risky.

Now remember this is with the assumption I am making that Denver’s defense will hold stronger than Kansas City’s offense. Denver has always played inspired football at home, then you throw in a division foe in the Chiefs and a Monday Night Game. Watch for a lower scoring game than usual out of KC.


Of course if you do not agree let me know how you feel @DailyHitman on Twitter!

Week 4 NFL Chopping Block

Hey y’all Gregory here with another edition of the NFL Chopping Block!

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Trying to grow that follower count you feel me?

Anyways I found out I am going to the CLE @ OAK game this Sunday so I am hyped while writing this article to say the least. I am a raider fan at heart but you can’t not love the story of Baker “Big-Time” Mayfield. I literally just made that nickname up please don’t steal it.

So. Where to begin?

Let us start by listing all 12 games that will be included on the Featured Slate for DFS. (Remember no SNF or MNF)


All the Games (Over/Under Included)


CIN @ ATL – O/U: 53.5
TB @ CHI – O/U: 46.5
DET @ DAL – O/U: 44.0
BUF @ GB – O/U: 44.0
HOU @ IND – O/U: 47.0
NYJ @ JAC – O/U: 38.5
MIA @ NE – O/U: 48.0
PHI @ TEN – O/U: 41.0
SEA @ ARI – O/U: 39.0
CLE @ OAK – O/U: 45.0
SF @ LAC – O/U: 46.0
NO @ NYG – O/U: 51.0


I really like CIN @ ATL, MIA @ NE, SF @ LAC, NO @ NYG & CLE @ OAK for games to potentially target for your DFS lineups. I mean if you are running a JAC stack with Blake Bortles then good luck, I just think it’s idiotic. Anyways, games I find to be off limits from a fantasy perspective would be NYJ @ JAC, PHI @ TEN, SEA @ ARI & hell lets throw in the DAL & CHI offenses because they suck. Now we need to talk about the games and see who is on the chopping block.

Lets be clear the chopping block is not good. Not where you want to be. Not ever. So if I am listing “Your Boi” on the chopping block then it isn’t good.


Chopping Block #1 (CIN @ ATL)

My first two chopping block targets would be the “Star” receivers for each team. A.J. Green had less fantasy points last week than Tyler Boyd. I really don’t like that A.J. Green only has 3 more targets than Boyd. One game with 3 TDs is propping up his price tag and his stat line. Now the other guy would be Julio Jones, who picked himself up a Questionable tag this week thanks to a calf injury. Calvin Ridley was the guy playing like Julio Jones in Week 3 for the Falcons & Julio Jones was making his best Mohammed Sanu impression. I love Jones, he is so good at football it is insane. But. He draws a lot of heavy coverage making him almost nonexistent in some games despite the high targets.


Chopping Block #2 (MIA @ NE)

Because of Monday Night’s performance vs the Lions I am throwing the entire Patriots team on the Chopping Block. They have been a disappoint this year and yes it is okay to say that. You aren’t crazy. We all watched the debacle on Monday Night where Tom Brady led the Patriots to a whopping 10 points versus one of the worst defenses in the NFL. The same defense that gave up 48 points to the Jets. That one. Rob Gronkowski has now had two down weeks in a row and picked up a little injury. Rex Burkhead just hit the IR, and Julian Edelman still has one more week on his suspension. This may be the last week that the Patriots are bad so take advantage while you still can.


Chopping Block #3 (SF @ LAC)

Okay this one is a little unorthodox but I am throwing the entire SF Front Office on the chopping block. They made a huge mistake with the signing of Jimmy Garoppolo for a staggering $137.5 million with a $74.1 million injury guarantee. So no getting out of paying him now that he is out for the year with a Torn ACL. I mean who is to say that Jimmy G. is even an NFL level Quarterback? It absolutely blows my mind that they would feed that much money to a guy who has less than half a season in career starts. I mean sure he led them to a 5-0 record in the last 5 games of the season. You also know that by him doing this it completely fucked up the 49ers draft position. Also he only threw for 7 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in those games so not good stats either. But hey, go ahead and throw him over $100 million I am sure you will bring the 49ers back to greatness in no time!


Chopping Block #4 (NO @ NYG)

The New Orleans defense can hop on the chopping block this week. They have surrended 103 points thus far through only 3 games for an average of 34.3 points allowed per game. They only have one turnover this year which was an interception and only 6 sacks. This is great news for players like Sterling Shephard, Saquon Barkley & of course Odell Beckham Jr. or ODB for short. They are poised for even larger workloads versus a Saints defense that gives up 345.7 yards per game passing but only 84.3 yards on the ground. It’s okay Saquon Barkley can catch passes too. Also, Cody Lattimer is out this week for the Giants. Expect big things out of the NYG offense.


Chopping Block #5 (CLE @ OAK)

I want to throw whoever the hell is calling plays for the Raiders on the Chopping Block. The reason I say whoever is because Jon Gruden is notorious for being a “play-calling” Head Coach. The new Offensive Coordinator for the Raiders is Greg Olson who was the QB coach for the Rams last year. Now if you watch the games you will see the Raiders come out one drive and look explosive, dangerous and like a team that can score 100 points in a game. Then the next drive they run some sort of prevent to win formation that involves a lot of dump off passes to the RB and runs right up the middle. I don’t know what plays are Olsons or what plays are Grudens but I can sense a bit of disconnect. Perfect evidence of this would be the Raiders airing it out early last week to Jordy Nelson for almost 130 yards in one quarter and a TD. Then they proceeded to score all of 13 points for the rest of the game and lose to the Dolphins 28-20. Literally the same deal versus the Rams as well where the Raiders come out in drive 1 with a TD and never put together anything like it again. I don’t understand, maybe Jon Gruden is too old? Just kidding I wouldn’t say that about chuckee.


Thank you all for reading this week’s edition of the NFL Chopping Block presented by the @DailyHitman!




NBA DFS Cheat Sheet (10 Games)

Are you ready for some basketball?

Are you ready for some basketball?

Because we have a value packed 10-game slate tonight starting with OKC @ CLE (4PM) and finishing with MIN @ LAL (7:30PM).

Russell Westbrook will be OUT for the Thunder giving Dennis Schroeder a start. And Jeff Teague will also be OUT for the Timberwolves likely giving Derrick Rose another start.

But some of these other games are not as clear as where the value lies. For example in the NY @ ATL game I find myself shuffling through a lot of the same players. In NY we had standout performances from Enes Kanter, Damyean Dotson, Allonzo Trier and Emmanuel Mudiay. But with coach Fizdale’s rotations being so unpredictable it is hard to recommend anyone besides maybe Kanter. On ATL we are getting Taurean Prince back into the starting lineup for a team that has no clear offensive leader besides maybe Trae Young. Trae Young has record double-digit assist totals in his last 3 games (10,15,10) to lead this Atlanta Offense.

Since we have 10 games I am going to list them out with their over/under and projected point totals. Then I will highlight the 3 games I like and talk about them in more detail. Sound good??

All 10 Games

OKC (112) @ CLE (106) – O/U: 218

DET (107) @ ORL (104) – O/U: 211

NY (113) @ ATL (112) – O/U: 225

SA (107) @ MIA (110) – O/U: 217

PHI (107) @ IND (110) – O/U: 217

DEN (105) @ MEM (100) – O/U: 205

CHI (109) @ NO (119) – O/U: 228

DAL (102) @ UTA (112) – O/U: 214

TOR (120) @ SAC (112) – O/U: 232

MIN (117) @ LAL (122) – O/U: 239


So the first game I want to talk about a little bit more is CHI @ NO which has a ton of value on both sides.


The Bulls are going to be led by a combination of young talent. Zach LaVine is the starting PG while Kris Dunn is still out for an extended period of time. The other youngster who has been balling out is Wendell Carter Jr. who now has a stranglehold on the starting center position with Christiano Felicio being the only backup big man on the Bulls who is healthy. Robin Lopez has received a few healthy DNPs in a row cementing Wendell Carter Jr. as the Bulls future center. Carter Jr. has been delivering in dfs with 30+ fpts in his last 6 games and he is only $6,200 on DK. Now he does have a tough matchup with Anthony Davis tonight which may get him in foul trouble and he did foul out last game. But even after only playing 22 minutes he still delivered 11 points, 13 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks. Now that’s efficient. Zach LaVine is the same story. 30+ fpts in his last 6 games, and over his last 4 he has averaged 40.25 minutes per game. LaVine is explosive and will put up a lot of shots, people know him for scoring. But he has truly developed into more than just a scorer. His counting stats are unreal over his last 4 games: 4.75 RPG, 5 APG, 1 BPG & 1.5 SPG. Then you add in his 27.5 PPG during that same span and you see what I mean. LaVine is a really good guard and his role on an offense has never been larger. Look for him and Carter Jr. to keep putting up insane stats versus a Pelicans team allowing 120 PPG this season.

Now the Pelicans may be terrible defensively but they make up for that with an insanely good offense which averages 118 PPG this season. This all goes out to the big 3 of Nikola Mirotic, Anthony Davis and J’Rue Holiday. And they may be getting back their fourth tonight with Elfrid Payton being ruled as Questionable. Their head coach did say he wouldn’t play so check his status closer to the game but if he does play then J’Rue Holiday will take a slight hit in value moving off the ball to SG. Anthony Davis is coming off his worst game offensively leaving me to wonder if he is still hurt. After three sub-par performances I find myself heavily questioning whether I want to play him at that ridiculous price point. I would have to say no, but the matchup does look like a juicy one so play him at your own risk. The guy I like in this one is Nikola Mirotic who has been filling up the stat like no other over his last 4 games. I am talking about a stat line that looks like this – 20.5 PPG, 14.25 RPG, 1.25 APG, 0.5 BPT, 1.25 SPG. Okay I know the stats other than rebounds and points can be a lot better but he is still doing a mighty fine job at making a point for minutes. And this has resulted in 34 MPG, even with the mighty Julius Randle on the bench breathing down his neck. I love Mirotic in this matchup versus his former team in the Bulls. I can also can see a world were J’Rue Holiday is played but only if Payton is ruled out.



Let’s talk about the Raptors who seem to have wooed Kawhi Leonard in too actually being happy in Toronto. Now the head coach said he expects Leonard back from a 2-game absence due to a foot injury. Check closer to their 7:00 PM PST tip-off to see if he will play. Hopefully they mention something about his status earlier but honestly who knows. Players who have stepped up in his absence would be none other than Kyle Lowry who is still a beast but then we have some other slightly new faces. Pascal Siakam has been patiently waiting on the Raptors bench for his moment. And after balling out in the preseason he has taken hold of the starting PF spot. At that $5,200 price point on DK I think rostering him makes a lot of sense. He’s averaging 15.8 PPG, 9.6 RPG & 2.0 SPG over his last 5 games while playing 31.8 MPG. I love those stats and his role in the offense, even if Leonard plays I think he is a must start.

The Kings have actually been a pleasant surprise this year after spitting out a starting lineup that looked extremely iffy. Bogdan Bogdanovic will be making his season debut tonight for Sacramento which will likely take away minutes from Iman Shumpert and Buddy Hield. Since Shumpert is usually the first guy out of the rotation I think it will likely be him taking the biggest fantasy hit. Listen, a lot of players on this team are very streaky and this causes a lot of headaches when trying to recommend them. Like Nemanja Bjelica or Willie Cauley-Stein both of which were completely nonexistent in their last game versus Milwaukee. The only guy who really gets me excited is De’Aaron Fox who has been on fire as of late, his price on DK is only $6,300 and his usage is insane. Two games ago he posted his first triple-double of this campaign and followed that up with 15 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in a blowout loss to Milwaukee. It definitely could be the same story tonight versus a really good Raptors team. But Sacramento is 2-1 at Home and will likely be looking very fresh coming off a 3-day break.



Our final game of the day just so happens to be the last game of the 10-game slate.These two teams have already met this season and MIN won with the score being 124-120. Now, Jeff Teague has already been ruled OUT so look for Derrick Rose to pull another start at PG. The Timberwolves are absolutely stacked at every position besides PF where Taj Gibson will be forced to guard Kyle Kuzma. That will be a tough one as Kuzma is a beast on the offensive end and is much more athletic than Gibson who plays like a more traditional PF. The Wolves will look to Karl-Anthony Towns, Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins & Derrick Rose to shoulder the load as their bench players usually don’t play a whole lot. Towns was struggling early on in the season but that story has changed with him scoring 20+ points in 4 of his last 5 games. His rebounds, blocks and steals have all been through the roof as well as Towns will look to take advantage of this Laker defense that’s allowing 120 PPG this season. When these teams met previously, Towns went off for 25 points, 16 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 blocks and 1 steal. Another guy on the Wolvers who went off that game was Jimmy Butler who posted 32 points and led the team in shooting going 12/20 from the field. Now, Andrew Wiggins was not playing in that game so this opened up more shots for Butler. Still, Butler is priced nicely at only $8,200 and he holds a large role on this offense. Finally, we need to talk about Derrick Rose if he is going to draw another start. He will likely score a lot of points which is kind of his MO right now with the whole comeback story and all. I really like how he has been performing this season and tonight should be another chance for him to put his name back on the map.

Finally, lets talk about these Lakers. In their last meeting with the Timberwolves players like LeBron James and Brandon Ingram had huge days while guys like Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma slightly underperformed. And this shows with the price points tonight, we have LeBron James at $11,000 on DK while Lonzo Ball is only $5,200. There is no way I can recommend playing LeBron because he is going to destroy your lineup. But, I also do not want to recommend Lonzo Ball because he has been so inconsistent this year and hasn’t even scored more than 15 points in a single game this season. The guy I like is Kyle Kuzma and maybe JaVale McGee if you are feeling really lucky. Kuzma posted one of his best games of the season versus Minnesota and will look to take advantage of his matchup with Taj Gibson who can not hang with him. Kuzma shot the lights out last game versus Toronto going 10/16 with 24 points and will look to continue his shooting success tonight versus Minnesota. Finally, we have to at least talk about JaVale McGee a little even if I still can’t get that “shaqtin a fool” out of my head. McGee played 31 minutes last time out versus Minnesota and this was likely to try and keep Karl Anthony-Towns under wraps. Now it did not work at all but hey he has a second chance at greatness tonight on primetime TV. But with McGee only being $2,200 cheaper than Towns I find myself saying no more likely than yes on putting him in my roster.



Thank you all for reading the NBA DFS Cheat Sheet!


My name is Gregory R. Bunch aka The Daily Fantasy Hitman.

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Eli Manning Poised to Silence Haters Tonight vs. Atlanta

New York Giants are going to roll in this one and Eli Manning will silence all of the haters tonight in Atlanta.

Eli “The GOAT” Manning will be taking the field tonight with some swagger in his step.

Okay so I lied a little.

No one has ever called him the GOAT, and no one should. There is absolutely no argument. Also Eli Manning has absolutely no swag. The only “Swagger” he knows about is his Old Spice body wash. BURN.

I don’t know why I am roasting Eli like that. He didn’t deserve that one bit. I mean constantly trying to live up to Peyton Manning can’t be easy. Then you throw in all the hate he has been on the receiving end of this year which all equals one angry Eli.

I mean I get it. Kind of.

The Giants draft Saquon Barkley in the first round instead of trying to shore up their pathetic offensive line. Sounds smart.

Then their fan base basically thinks, “Hey, we have Saquon Barkley and ODB. We should make the Super Bowl.”

Believe me when I say every fan base works this way because we so easily want to believe the BS our team tells us. I wanted to believe Derek Carr and Amari Cooper was going to bring the Raiders to the Promise Land too. I was wrong.

Well. Eli’s stats are not doing him any favors. He has thrown for 6 TDs with 4 INTs and 4 fumbles. It’s never good when your QB has more turnovers than touchdown passes. However, allowing 20 sacks so far as an offensive line through 6 games is unacceptable. Their is a huge synergy between teams that allow a ton of sacks and quarterbacks who have pathetic stats. I mean really check this out.

Top 3 Most Sacks Allowed: 1. Cleveland (31)  2. San Francisco (27)  3. Buffalo (26)

Top 3 Least Sacks Allowed: 1. Kansas City (8)  2. Pittsburgh (9)  2. New Orleans (9)

See what I mean? Well it isn’t exactly rocket science. Quarterbacks who have no time to throw end up making poor decisions. Quarterbacks with a lot of time to throw end up finding their receivers for big gains.

But this week it will be different. Atlanta’s defense is an absolute joke.

  • 29th in sacks (10).
  • 29th in TD Passes Allowed (16).
  • 28th in Passing Rating Allowed (104.6).
  • 31st in Points Per Game Allowed (32.0).
  • 29th in Yards Per Game Allowed (417.2).


Atlanta is 2-4 holding down dead last in the NFC South which has heavy hitters like the Saints (5-1) and Carolina (4-2). New York is in just as desperate of a situation with a 1-5 record which is 3 games back of the first place Redskins (4-2).

Eli Manning will look beautiful tonight and everyone will be pointing fingers at this under-performing falcons team.